Thai Vocabulary Used with the TV Series Game of Thrones

This is my take on some of the Thai vocabulary we could use in discussing Game of Thrones. I happen to be a GoT junkie and the ten months of the year that the show is not on is mostly used up waiting for the 10 weeks when it is on (and watching and rewatching the videos of the previous seasons that I have downloaded and all the YouTube discussions of the show). So now, when the show is on in full force, I am in GoT heaven.

Don’t worry if you are not a fan. There is lots of useful everyday vocabulary here. If you haven’t seen Game of Thrones yet be careful downloading the 5 seasons (GoT is the most pirated show in TV history) because you’ll be binge watching for the next 50 hours.  I’ll try not to give away too many spoilers out here


One of the reasons why GoT is enjoyed so much by so many are the many “WTF!” moments. To be more polite I will call them “Oh my god!” Moments or “OMG!”, e.g. when, (spoiler alert) Ned Stark gets separated from his head in Season 1. A Thai translation of “OMG!” would be คุณพระช่วย

คุณพระ = god(s)

ช่วย = help

Note that this is a discussion of a fictional TV series and none of the vocabulary here is meant to be used with real people.


Let’s talk GoT.

The following Thai sentence is my translation of the English title for this blog post.

Thai Vocabulary Used with the TV Series Game of Thrones

คำศัพท์ไทยที่ใช้กับ รายการทีวี “การแข่งขันเพื่อราชบัลลังก์”


Breaking it down we get:

คำศัพท์-ไทย-ที่-ใช้-กับ รายการ-ทีวี “การแข่งขัน-เพื่อ-ราช-บัลลังก์”

คำศัพท์ = vocabulary   คำ = word;  ศัพท์ = term(inology);

ไทย = Thai

ที่ = that

ใช้ = used

กับ = with

รายการ = program

ทีวี = loan word “TV”

แข่งขัน = match (as in football); competition

เพื่อ = for

ราช = a prefix meaning “royal”

บัลลังก์  = throne; ราชบัลลังก์ = royal throne

การแข่งขันเพื่อราชบัลลังก์  = The competition for the (royal) throne, or  “Game of Thrones”


People in GoT

Knights – Lots of knights in GoT. Sir Jamie Lanister, Sir Davos, the Onion Knight, Sir Brawn of the Blackwater, etc. They are supposed to be honorable and chivalrous, but many fall short of that expectation.

อัศวิน =  knight

Dwarfs – The main dwarf of GoT is Tyrion Lanister, probably the smartest person on the show. He has been condemned to death twice and gotten off both times.

แคระ =  dwarf   This word is used with plants พืชแคระ (dwarf plant) and animals ม้าแคระ (dwarf horse), as well as with people.

Horse lord – The Dothraki are horsemen and control the sea of grass (ทะเลหญ้า). We can use the Thai word เจ้า (prince, lord) or เจ้านาย (master) to describe them.

เจ้านายม้า = Horse lord(s)

Dragons – Dragons are a big deal in GoT. One of the titles for Daneras Stormborn Targarian, the Kaleesi of the Dothraki, is the “Mother of Dragons”.

มังกร = dragon

มังกรที่กระจายไฟออก =  fire breathing dragon

กระจาย = spread out, distribute

ไฟ = fire

ออก = out

แม่ของมังกร = Mother of Dragons

แม่ = mother

King’s guard – Considering the many monarchs that have met untimely ends on GoT the King’s Guard don’t seem to be doing their job too well.

ยามของพระบาทสมเด็จพระเจ้าอยู่หัว = the guard of the king

ยาม = guard; same word used for the guard at your gated Moo Baan

พระบาทสมเด็จพระเจ้าอยู่หัว = a very formal word for king

Hand of the king – We have had a number of them in GoT and they don’t seem to last too long. We don’t have a one to one translation for “Hand of the King” but “king’s helper” or “assistant” might work as that is his job description.

ผู้ช่วยของพระบาทสมเด็จพระเจ้าอยู่หัว  = king’s helper

ผู้ช่วย =  helper, assistant

There is also นายกรัฐมนตรี = Prime Minister, which is what the “Hand” probably is in reality.

Giants – the big guys, part of the ‘wildlings” group

ยักษ์ = giant; also spelled ยักข์

White Walkers – these are really bad guys. Word for word translation is

ผู้เดินสีขาว = White Walker

ผู้ = one who …

เดิน = walk

สีขาว = white

But I like to think of them as

ผู้เดินแช่แข็ง = Frozen Walkers

แช่แข็ง = frozen; as in ไก่แช่แข็ง = frozen chicken

The Red Witch – Milesandra, the Woman in Red, is one of the more beautiful and dangerous woman in GoT, a show that has many powerful women

แม่มดสีแดง = The Red Witch

แม่มด = witch

สีแดง = red


Places in GoT

King’s Landing

ราชท่าเรือ = Royal port

ราช = prefix for ‘royal”

ท่า = port, landing

เรือ = boat, ship


ท่าหลวง “big” port; the word หลวง means “great” but is also used to indicate royalty

In Chiang Mai one of the main roads in the old city is Tha Phae Road (ถนนท่าแพ) which leads up to Tha Phae Gate (ประตูท่าแพ) in the old city wall. The word Tha (ท่า) is “landing” of course, and Phae (แพ) means raft.  So ท่าแพ = “landing area for rafts”. Tha Phae Road leads right up to the Ping River and 700 years ago must have been where the rafts floating down the river tied up.

The Eyrie – where Lady Lysa Aryn lives.

รังนกอินทรีย์ = The eagle’s nest (another definition for “eyrie”)

รัง = nest

นกอินทรีย์ = eagle

The Moon door – where Lady Lysa Aryn goes flying

ประตูดวงจันทร์ = the door of the moon

ประตู = door, gate

ดวงจันทร์ = moon

The Wall



กำแพงน้ำแข็ง  = ice wall

น้ำแข็ง = ice


มหากำแพง = Great Wall  as in the one in China

The Twins – a fortress controlling a very important bridge with a citadel on each side of the river. The nefarious “Frys” control the river crossing, and this is where the “Red Wedding” (see below) took place.

ป้อมฝาแฝด  = The Twins (Fortress)

ป้อม = fortress, citadel

ฝาแฝด = twins


Stuff that happens on GoT

The Red wedding – Weddings are occasions for lots of OMG! Scenes in GoT. One of the most shocking OMG! Scenes in all of GoT is the Red Wedding where the Stark’s dynasty and army is basically decimated.

งานแต่งงานสีแดง = The Red Wedding

งาน = party

แต่งงาน = wedding, marriage

สีแดง – red

The Purple wedding – named mainly because that is the color of the late King Joffery’s face at the end of the episode.

งานแต่งงานสีม่วง = The Purple Wedding

สีม่วง = purple

The War of the Five Kings – The main story of the first few seasons of GoT is where 5 different people (Joffery, Rob Stark, Stanis Baratheon, Renly Barathion, The Wildling King) claim to be the “one true king”. It is interesting that they leave Daneras, Kaleesi (or queen) of the Dothrakis out of it (for now).  Okay, I’m just showing off with the trivia.

สงครามห้ากษัตริย์ = War of the 5 kings

สงคราม = war

ห้า = five

กษัตริย์ = another word for king

In Chiang Mai there is a statue of the สามกษัตริย์ = Three Kings Monument


Finally the moral of the story:

As Cerci said to Ned Stark shortly before he was separated from his head, “If you play the game of thrones either you win or you die.”

Here is how she would say that in Thai:

ถ้าคุณแข่งขันเพื่อราชบัลลังก์ คุณจะชนะหรือคุณจะตาย

New words here

ถ้า = if

ชนะ =win

หรือ = or

ตาย = die

Enjoy the rest of the season of Game of Thrones, and watch for those คุณพระช่วย scenes.









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