A Thai Rock & Roller’s Troubles

The Thai rock & roller, Sek LoSo, has had some well publicized troubles lately. He has admitted to being addicted to drugs, has been in and out of rehab, married, had children, involved in spousal abuse, divorced,  and then remarried his former wife again. Now they are talking about another divorce. All the typical problems of a lot of rock & rollers anywhere.

Note: The name Sek LoSo comes from his first name which is really Seksun (Just by chance the name “Sek” is pronounced similarly to the way Thais would pronounce the English word “sex”.) And “LoSo” is a play on the opposite of the Thai idiom “HiSo” for “high society” or “rich people”. In his case he is “LoSo” or “low society”.

Sek LoSo is like the Lindsay Lohan of Thailand for all the troubles he has been in. Here is a news story about his latest.

 ‘เสกโลโซ’เก้อ เมียไม่มาเซ็นหย่า

Sek LoSo’s Embarrassed as Wife is a No-Show to Sign Divorce Papers

ลั่นฟ้องแน่ ไร้ สินสมรส ขอ ดูแลลูก

A din erupts as the filing of a lawsuit is assured. Without any “marriage property” left all he asks is custody of his kids.

ลั่น lân – boisterous, loud

ฟ้อง fóng – file a lawsuit

ไร้ rái – without

สิน sǐn – property

สมรส sǒm-​rót – married

สินสมรส sǐn sǒm-​rót  – marital property

ดูแล doo-​lae – look after

Note: Sek says that all of his property was divided between the two during his first divorce and there is nothing left.


 เสก” รอเก้อ “กานต์” ภรรยา ไม่ โผล่ เซ็นใบหย่า

Sek waits in vain for his wife Kan (a nickname) as she does not show up to sign the divorce papers.

รอ – to wait

รอเก้อ – to wait in vain

ภรรยา pan-​rá~​yaa – wife

โผล่ plòh – come out

เซ็น sen – sign

ใบหย่า bai-​yàa  – divorce papers


ให้ทนาย ฟ้อง ยันไม่มีสินสมรสจะแบ่ง

Have the lawyer in a lawsuit claim that there is no marital property to divide up.

ทนาย(ความ) tá~​naai (​kwaam) – lawyer

ยัน yan – support, back up

แบ่ง bàeng  – divide (up)


และจะขอดูแลลูกทั้งหมดเอง แต่ไม่ปิดกั้นให้พบหน้า

And he requests full custody of his children but will not block (the mother) from meeting with them.

ดูแล doo-​lae   – to take care of

เอง eeng   – by oneself

ปิดกั้น bpìt-​gân   to block

พบหน้า póp nâa  – meet face to face


พร้อมปัดข่าว “นาตาลี” ถอน ตัวงาน เพลง แค่เลื่อนถ่ายเอ็มวี เพราะมีการเซ็นสัญญากันไว้แล้ว

There is also news (about a report of a canceled concert) that Natalie (a music promoter?) will simply move the taping of his MV concert to another time because they already have a signed contract.

ถอน tǒn – withdraw

เลื่อน lêuan  – change position,postpone

ถ่าย tàai – shoot, tape (film)

เอ็ม วี – MV (MTV?)

สัญญา sǎn-​yaa – contract

เซ็นสัญญา sen-​sǎn-​yaa – sign contract


Now if you want to know what all this fuss is about you can check out Sek LoSo’s music here.  



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